Upper & lower completion & installation of downhole equipment

KTIB Holding renders engineering support service of technological equipment, carries out set up and provides control over facilities’ operation, calculates the patency and eccentricity of the columns.

Technological equipment of casing columns:

  • Centralized products
  • Float equipment
  • Equipment for two-stage cementing
  • Casing swelling packers
  • Plugs

 Equipment for wells completion:

  • Liner hangers
  • Hydraulic packers
  • Shutoff valves


  • Inflow control systems
  • Equipment for hydraulic fracturing

 Service support:

  1. Running and cementing of casing
    Detailed study of the technical parameters of the well, the determination of the types and quantities of tooling, the calculation of the patency of columns, the adjustment of equipment, support during running.  
  2. Upper and lower completion services
    One of the activity directions is the implementation of third-party contractors. At the expense of accumulating large volumes of key jobs in one hands and using of various financial instruments, we give the contractor an opportunity to optimize their expenses, which in turn allows them to reduce the cost of their services significantly. At the present time, we successfully proceed with a project of service provision for the installation of the underground shutoff valves with the involvement of Halliburton and Weatherford as contractors.
  3. Organization of consignment stock
    Creation of consignment stocks in the points of oil production facilities’ localization (Novy Urengoy, Usinsk, Krasnoyarsk).

Local production

KTIB produces technological equipment, spare parts, consumables for oilfield and primary cementing equipment. The use of Russian components in the assembly of foreign manufacturers’ equipment significantly reduces its cost, while maintaining the most important technological parameters of the facilities.

Production capacity is located in Moscow, Ufa and Perm.