System of monitoring of extended fields

KTIB has a successful experience in the development and implementation of an Extended Object Monitoring System based on the physical properties of optical fiber. Fiber-optic cable is used as a sensitive element, which allows recording a wide range of temperature, acoustic, seismic and barometric characteristics over its entire length, while being a mean of signal transmission as well.

This technology was used on more than 5,500 kilometers of the main oil and product pipelines of the EOMS, in respect to the Transneft pipelines called the Monitoring Activity Leak Detection System.


Among the equipped objects are:

  • Baltic Pipeline System (BPS-2): 1000 km long
  • Pipeline system "Eastern Siberia - Pacific Ocean", section "Skovorodino" - SNNP "Kozmino": 2500 km
  • “Pur-pe” pipeline system - Samotlor: 429 km long
  • The main oil pipeline "Malgobek-Tikhoretsk": 443 km long
  • The main oil pipeline "Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk": 273 km
  • The trunk oil pipeline "Grozny-Baku": an equipped length of 245 km
  • Tikhoretsk-Tuapse - 2 main oil pipeline: 251 km