Integrated system of well monitoring

The integrated well monitoring system provides a real time receipt of all the key information on the well operations, being indispensable for an efficient decision-making.


Fiber-Optic System of complex well monitoring provides:

  • Continuous measurement of the temperature change profile along the entire length of the wellbore
  • Bottom-hole pressure measurement
  • Control of inflow along the entire length of the horizontal section of the wellbore to determine the effectiveness of its operation
  • Control of the operation of individual layers of the productive horizon in vertical and directional wells
  • Determination of injectability
  • Continuous hydro-survey
  • Control of injection efficiency, detection of local heat loss zones in steam injection wells
  • Determination of the thaw of permafrost lenses in the casing string-borehole annulus
  • Determination of the beginning of the formation of hydrate plugs in gas and gas condensate wells
  • Optimization of fluid extraction from the reservoir based on the reliable information obtained
  • Determination of the efficiency of injection of compressed gas in gas condensate wells and underground gas storages (UGS)
  • Detection of leakage zones of the production string and column of tubing string


Complex well monitoring systems:

  • Fiber-optic cable (FOC)
  • Logic module equipped with temperature measuring units, acoustic oscillations and pressure
  • A server with a database
  • Automated operator workstation