Production & delivery of equipment

High-pressure equipment

While being the official distributor of Resato International B.V. in Azerbaijan, KTIB provides the supply of pumps, the maintenance of testing equipment with high-pressure lines, the adjustment and calibration of sensors and recorders.

Resato International B.V. Is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of high-pressure technology. The company develops the components operating under high pressure and systems for operating at pressures up to 14,000 bar.

Equipment offered:

  • Pumps with a pneumatic drive
  • Axial pumps
  • Hand pumps

Production of consumables

KTIB is engaged in production of technological equipment, spare parts, consumables for oilfield equipment and primary cementing equipment. The use of Russian components in the assembly of foreign manufacturers’ equipment significantly reduces its cost, while maintaining the most important technological parameters of the facilities.

Production facilities are located in Moscow, Ufa and Perm.