V Caspian forum «Potential risks of oil & gas companies in CIS countries»

On 27th April 2018 in Baku will host V Caspian Forum «Potential Risks of Oil & Gas Companies in CIS Countries» with the support of the graduates of MBA School RSU named after Gubkin «Club for the Development of Energy Initiatives «Energy of Future»».

The conference will focus on range of issues including: «Geological exploration of offshore fields in CIS countries», «International cooperation in offshore in Russian Federation», «Up-to-date methods of onshore oilfield development», «Innovative technologies in oil and gas production», as well as «Blockchain in oil and gas sphere», which will be described by one of the leading speakers.

The first part of the forum will be held in the format of the conference, and the second part - business games. We will be glad to see you among the participants of our forum.

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Energy on the surface

On 12nd June, 2017 in Astana with support of graduates club of the business school RGU named after Gubkin was held an event dedicated to the topic of Alternative Energy Resources. One of the founders of this club, Elmar Sultanov , made a report "Energy on the surface":

"The oil age did not end for lack of oil"

Similar to any process, age has its growth, mature and decline. This fact is not determined of oil & gas resources depletion. It is conditioned and defined by the fact that world intellectually approached to the threshold, where energy has to be consumed from inexhaustible resources. Unfortunately, in CIS countries there are still certain factors hampering the effective use and development of alternative energy resources (AER). One of the most important factors is large oil & gas reserves. This brings up another point: "Why is it necessary to develop AER, if there is a crude oil reserve? A clue to any question hidden in the question itself. A little lower, we will get back to this issue, with available answer.

The second important factor hindering the development of AER is the weak investment program, which is the result of the lack of legislative framework protecting the rights of investors. Furthermore, the established and continuous course of development of the government leads to the unwillingness and reluctance to develop alternative energy. What may facilitates transition to AER in that situation? There are main reasons for the transition to AER:

  1. Global-ecological - forced transition to AER as a result of the environmental crisis, which entails a number of other serious consequences.
  2. Political- the world superiority and political stability of the country on a global scale is determined by one of the most important factors - supply. The timely development of the AER will determine the world players in the political arena.
  3. Economic- reducing the budget leads to other social problems such as low GDP per capita.
  4. Social- isolation adversely affects the development of all spheres.
  5. Evolutionary-historical. Every era has its own cycle: growth, mature and decline. Exhausted energy resources are living a recession today, and this process is inevitable.

The Universal Law of Balance works here as well: there are constraining circumstances, which were mentioned earlier and contributing circumstances-a large territory, huge reserve of natural resources. A large area can be used for the production of energy. The territorial factor is favorable for all kinds of AER production, especially huge potential have wood biomasses, hydropower. With the existing potential and proper financing, we can get a huge leap both in the use of existing technologies and in the progressive development of innovative technologies, which will make the economies of the CIS countries more sustainable.

Earlier, we raised a question: "Why is it necessary to develop AER, if there is a raw material reserve? The total rejection of raw energy is not quite conceptually correct. There is a model of an integrated approach in the use of both raw energy and AER in all sectors of end-users.

Motivation plays an important role, which is the main engine in all processes. A motivation program designed for all segments of the population can lead to favorable conditions for the development of technology and the widespread use of AER. A simplified tax system for applying to organizations that follow the development of AER program in the region, the possibility of selling surplus electricity to the general network by means of blockchain funds will create interest among the private sector and will also prevent the formation of surplus consumption of AER. One of the innovations that we are proposing today is both a motivating factor and a favorable influence on the economy of the country as a whole.

Blockchain as a method of maintaining a database is not a know-how, but the idea of using it in various industries made this system of accounting a revolutionary solution, using all the advantages of a distributed database, such as reliability, openness and transparency. We propose to build a power transmission system combining with micro networks. Each participant of the micro network will have the opportunity to extract, store, and also buy and sell electricity in the network through the means of blockchain. This approach will be interesting starting from the private sector up to large enterprises, due to the opportunity to provide themselves with free energy and to earn on the sale of surpluses.

By implementing these systems, we will be able to focus on the problem of climate deterioration not only for scientists, but also for every inhabitant of our land, and enable them, with benefit, to participate in a global agreement on reducing emissions, thereby contributing to the reduction Global warming. Sages will say:

"If you want to change the world, start with yourself"

On June 23rd-25th, 2017 in Baku was held IV Caspian Forum

On June 23rd-25th, 2017 in Baku was held IV Caspian Forum: "Offshore Projects Management and Methods of Increasing Oil and Gas Recovery", organized by “KTIB” group of companies.

About 100 representatives from international oil and gas companies participated in IV Caspian Forum : “Gazpromneft-Sakhalin” LLC, “Gazprom Neft” PJSC, “LUKOIL” PJSC, “LUKOIL-Engineering” LLC, “Exploration Production KazMunayGas” JSC, SOCAR , Sokar AQS, SOCAR Trest, Azneft, TsentrKaspneftegaz LLC, Arctic-SPG3 LLC, Energodiagnostika LLC, FIDMASH CJSC, FID Group, Expro LLC, Bahar Energy LLC, Tekyus "," Halliburton AZ "LLC, "Nats Geonnedra” LLC, “Tendeka ", LLC", Tekjus " LLC, "Ultera Drilling Technologies" LLC, " Geoservice " LLC, “Compozitmash " LLC" , “Anega-Kazakhstan" LLP, representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the embassies of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan in Azerbaijan and others.

Presentations has been made by:

  • Vice President of KTIB - Michael Seidov, “Integrated Project Management-Offshore”
  • Program Manager for offshore projects promotion of Gazpromneft-Sakhalin LLC - Alexey Fadeev, “Construction of Exploration well № 1, Ayashskaya block“
  • Deputy General Director of TsentrKaspneftegaz LLC - Mikhail Basarygin, “Development of Offshore Block “Centralnaya” in the Caspian Sea”
  • Business Development Manager of Halliburton AZ - Steven Hinnant, “Drilling of Offshore Wells in Azerbaijan”
  • General Director of "Enegediagnostika" LLC - Sergey Vlasov, “Complex facilitation for receipt  of licensing documentation, preparation of operating and executive documentation in the operation of offshore oil and gas installations”. 
  • Azerbaijan Country Manager "EXPRO" - Andy Sadler, “Subsea Safety Systems”
  • Head of the development of oil and gas liquids "Sokar Azneft" - Elmir Yarogozov, “Mature Oilfields - Problems and Opportunities”                                
  • Vice President of "Bahar Energy" LLC - Alex Wills, “Optimized Offshore Development of Bahar Gas/Condensate and Gum Deniz Oil Fields, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan”
  • Vice-President for Middle East and Asia Tekews LLC - Ian Hunt, “Optimizing Oil & Gas Production”
  • Regional Manager of Russia and CIS of Tendeka LLC - Roman Guselnikov, “Overview of equipment and technological solutions of the Tendeka.
  • Deputy Director General on Technical Questions İntervention and  Stimulation Equipment 

At the end, the forum participants were provided with an opportunity to discuss the key issues of the reports, task facing oil and gas companies for efficient management of offshore projects and consider opportunities for increasing oil and gas production.

One of the important moments during the forum was the signing by the Chief Executive Officer of the group by the company "KTIB" Elmar Sultanov of strategically important and mutually beneficial alliances with representatives of "Expro" LLC, Geoservice LLC, "FID Group", "Pluto Group” LLC , "Ultera Drilling Technologies.

IV Caspian Forum, Baku 23-25 June

KTIB is pleased to invite you to participate in IV Capsian Forum "Offshore project management and methods of enhancement of oil and gas production", which will take place in Baku, 23-25 June. Visit our website for detailed information: www.eng.ktib-event.com

Publication in ROGTEC magazine.

IV Каспийский форум. До проведения мероприятия остается один месяц.

До начала проведения самого масштабного Каспийского форума остался всего один месяц.

Мы спешим сообщить, что уже более 40 приглашенных подтвердили свое участие.

На сегодняшний день в этот список вошли:

  1. Посол Республики Беларусь в Азербайджанской Республике
  2. Посол Республики Казахстан в Азербайджанской Республике
  3. Представители Посольства Королевства Великобритании в Азербайджанской Республике
  4. Представители Посольства США в Азербайджанской Республике
  5. Сокар – Вице-президент по геологии и геофизики
  6. Азнефть – Главный геолог
  7. Азнефть – Советник генеральный директор по добыче нефти и газа
  8. Азнефть – Заместитель генерального директора по бурению
  9. Сокар Трест – Начальник Сокар Трест
  10. Сокар Трест – Заместитель директора по общим вопросам
  11. Сокар Трест – Главный инженер
  12. Сокар Трест – Руководитель департамента по бурению
  13. Сокар Трест – Советник по бурению
  14. Сокар Трест – Ведущий инженер департамента по бурению
  15. Лукойл – Менеджер проекта Управления обеспечения реализации совместных проектов Департамента по управлению совместной деятельности
  16. Лукойл — Начальник управления контроля затрат Департамента по строительству скважин
  17. Лукойл – Инжиниринг –Начальник управления морскими проектами
  18. ЦентрКаспнефтегаз – Заместитель генерального директора
  19. Эриэлл Нефтегазсервис — Заместитель генерального директора
  20. Эриэлл Нефтегазсервис — Заместитель директора департамента управления проектами
  21. ФИДМАШ — Первый заместитель генеральный директор
  22. ФИДМАШ — Коммерческий директор
  23. ФИДМАШ — Финансовый директор
  24. Группа компаний ФИД — Член совета
  25. ВеЛЛсервис — Заместитель генерального директора по развитию и реализации услуг
  26. ВеЛЛсервис – Руководитель производственного департамента
  27. ВеЛЛсервис – Руководитель департамента по развитию бизнеса
  28. Экспро – Главный вице-президент по продажам
  29. Экспро – Региональный вице-президент по Европе и СНГ
  30. Экспро – Региональный менеджер по СНГ
  31. Экспро —  Менеджер по развитию бизнеса в странах СНГ
  32. Тачиус — Вице-президент на Ближнем Востоке
  33. Тачиус – Инженер по резервуарам
  34. Тендэка — Главный операционный директор / Исполнительный директор
  35. Тендэка — Руководитель Российского региона
  36. Энергодиагностика – Генеральный директор
  37. Энергодиагностика – Начальник юридического отдела
  38. Халлибуртон Интэрнэшнл – Вице-президент
  39. Халлибуртон Евразия Лимитит – Руководитель по цементированию и увеличению нефтегазоотдачи на Западе Каспийского региона
  40. Бахар Энерджи — Вице-президент
  41. Ачимгаз — Заместитель генерального директора по бурению
  42. НПП «Композитмаш» — Генеральный директор
  43. ГЕОСЕРВИС — Генеральный директор
  44. Югсон-Сервис – Генеральный директор

Будем рады видеть вас в числе участников нашего мероприятия, с более подробной информацией вы можете ознакомиться у нас на сайте www.forum.ktib-event.com и в руководстве участника.

Публикация в журнале ROGTEC.

Geomechanics training course

We invite you to participate in the Geomechanics training course, which will be held in Baku, 20-23 June 2017. Our course is provided by the best specialists in the field and has no analogues. The lecturers of the event are Heriot Watt University masters.

Detailed information of the program and form  for participation is available on our web-site http://ktib-event.com.

Publication about the event in ROGTEC magazine.

Offshore Drilling in Caspian Region

In April 15, 2016 KTIB started drilling of wells in Garadag gas condensate field in Caspian region of SOCAR project (State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan Republic).

Project drilling depth is 3250 m. The complicated design of the well was not an obstacle to increase the indicators of effective directional drilling performance. In the nearest future we are planning to drill the next well and we face complicated task: to increase the mechanical rate of penetration and reduce the operating time of the drilling rig.

We hope to complete the project successfully with high performance indicators and find the solution for all tasks set for our organization.

Rock Engineering Services is Purchasing Hydraulic Fracturing Unit

KTIB/“Rock Engineering Services” LLC has signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of hydraulic fracturing unit with “ASB Leasing” LLC and JCSC “Fidmash”. Unit delivery dates in Novy Urengoy: October-November 2017.

The fleet consists of pumping units, blender, control and monitoring station, high pressure manifold, process armature, pumping unit to support annular pressure, high pressure valves, reservoir of tanks, sand truck, a conveyor for transporting proppant, towing vehicle, vacuum unit, field laboratory, Installations for heating the fracturing fluid, line for fastening the lines of high pressure for the entire piping and lighting mast.

Rock Engineering Services is Purchasing Coiled Tubing Unit

KTIB/“Rock Engineering Services” LLC has signed a contract for the manufacture and supply of another coiled tubing unit with “ASB Leasing” LLC and JCSC “Fidmash”. Unit delivery dates in Novy Urengoy: May-June 2017.

Apart from this, for the moment being company has coiled tubing unit MK30T-50, mounted on all-wheel drive chassis (10x10) represents a complete set of equipment for operation with coiled tubing diameter up to 2”. Together with special downhole tools the Unit can be used for sand and paraffin removal, cementing operations, isolation of water-sources, acid treatment and well completion, other repair and research works on all types of wells under pressure on the sealed wellhead.