Elmar Sultanov

Head of the Board and Chief Executive Director of the KTIB Holding

He was born on April 13, 1978 in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan. Graduated from the State Economic Institute in 1999 and from the International Business School at the University named after I.V. Gubkin in Moscow in 2014. Since 1996, has been working in the oil and gas sector in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan on BP sea and land projects for the following 10 years. In 2005, he founded KTIB in Azerbaijan, which during the 12 years of its existence, has grown into a group of companies involved in the management of energy projects.

Michael Seidov

Vice president of KTIB Holding.

Was born on December 18, 1984 in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan. Secondary and higher education (BA in Marketing) he was educated in George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Since 2013, has been holding the positions of the General Director at the KTIB Russian branch and the Regional Director for Eurasia. Since 2016, he is an acting Vice President of the KTIB Holding.